Have you ever had the feeling of helplessness when it came to purchasing your beauty or skin and body care products? Why? Because there are so many beauty brands and products out there that sometimes you may even end up buying more than you need because you just can’t refuse a persistent sales lady. That made me think of all the of the home makers and career ladies who may not have the time to shop at the malls, of the men who may be too shy to shop for their beauty products and of the young students who are unguided on skin care routines.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place where we can browse at our leisure whether at home or during our precious free time, on beauty products from countries well-known for good skin & body care and learn beauty tips from the experts? At the same time to be able have friendly chats with the sales personnel without feeling harassed…and that’s how Vanity was born.

At Vanity, we want our clients to feel at home whilst browsing through a wide selection of skin and body care products. Vanity believes in empowering its clients with beauty tips and knowledge on skin care and health in general. Vanity is designed to give men and women the confidence of taking charge of their own skin and body care routines and with this empowerment, our clients are able to make wise choices.

We are also a firm believer in beautiful packaging. So if you are thinking of skin and body care gifts for your loved ones for their birthdays, parent’s day, Christmas or for any special occasion, Vanity has the best ideas of gift wrapping for your precious gifts. Check out our gift wrapping corner for more ideas. Trust us and you will not be disappointed!

We have a small team of experts dedicated to providing you with the best selection on beauty care products. We believe it’s easier to make a better choice in the comfort of your home or office (if you have the time) than moving from counter to counter in a shopping mall, and for a fraction of the cost at that. We carefully source the best products from countries renowned for their skin and body care lines and ensure that they reach you conveniently through the trendiest way possible, the digital-way.

Feel free to drop by frequently to check for regular new products and brands, promotions, give-aways and information relating to beauty and skin care. Finally let’s experience an online shopping spree together!

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