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Birthdays; Baby showers; Graduations; Weddings; Festive occasions like the western-based Christmas and Easter and the Eastern-based Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and the Deepavali are occasions where we happily give away gifts to our family members and loved-ones. In fact we all adore the idea of giving gifts, of carefully wrapping our treasured gifts and in return we enjoy receiving beautifully wrapped gifts ourselves. We are amazed at the variety of wrapping ideas that are available. Have you ever come across wrapping that are so creatively done that you feel reluctant to undo the wrapping lest you spoil the appearance of the wrapping!

Love for Gift Wrapping

so where does the idea of gift wrapping came from?

Ancient Chinese Gift Wrapping

From the mists of history, we learn that we have our forefathers to thank, for introducing us to the practice of gift giving and gift wrapping. Gift giving went as far back as the ancient Chinese all those thousands of years ago and also to the ancient Romans where gifts were given to celebrate pagan festivals. Years later, gifts were given to celebrate the birth of Christ and very much later, gift giving became a way of life for western & eastern folks alike.

In fact we were told that as early as the 2nd century BC, during the Song Dynasty, the Chinese first started to conceal monetary gifts in envelopes shaped from paper made from bamboo fiber or rice straws and these packages were known as the ‘chih pao’. During the Victorian era, wallpaper was used to wrap the gifts and it’s tied with laces and ribbons to keep the wall paper wrapping in place. The wall paper wrappers gave way to brown paper and later on to tissues as wrappers. In 1917, the Americans stamped their own on the gift wrapping scene by inventing the modern day gift wrappers. With the invention of the ‘scotch tape’ gift wrapping became ever so easy.

…why is gift wrapping important?

Handing Gifts in Wraps

Why are we so obsessed with wrapping our gifts? Apparently, there is actually a psychological explanation for our obsession with gift wrapping. We wrap to conceal our gifts, thus making them special. We enjoy wrapping our gifts because it actually makes us happy and since giving gifts have always been associated with happy occasions, we find ourselves anticipating receiving gifts which are wrapped so that we can enjoy unwrapping and finding out what the gift is. We also simply love the look of surprise on the faces of the recipients of our gifts as they unwrap our gifts. However, there is another world view that people like to wrap their gifts in order to hide their gifts from the eyes of others because they do not want people to see what they can or cannot afford as reflected in their gifts.

…ideas for gift wrapping materials

Gift Wrapping Materials

Gift wrapping is actually an art form where a gift is carefully enclosed within a piece of colourful wrapping item. The wrapper can be made from paper, from cloth or can even be in the form of a gift bag! Once the gift is well concealed, even a simple gift instantaneously becomes a treasured item because of the effort that goes into the wrapping process. Wrapping can just be a simple enclosure of the gift in an envelope as in the customary monetary gifts of the ‘red’ packets or the ‘green’ packets or the ‘purple’ packets given during the Malaysian festive seasons to elaborately wrapped gifts in beautifully crafted boxes. 

Where do we get our gift wrapping ideas then? This could be your DIY project where basically, all you have to do is to place the gift in a box and then enclose the box with a piece of coloured or decorated wrapping paper, bought off the counters of bookstores or the convenience stores. The easiest way of course is to present your gift to the sales lady at the shopping mall and leave her with the responsibility of wrapping your gift with wrappers that carries the supermarket’s logo. Often people don’t quite fancy gifts wrapped in this standard manner. Not only it is not personalised, it’s unimaginative to say the least! However, unless you are the creative, artistic kind with hands that can work magic on a piece of wrapper, we would not suggest that you try to DIY. For the rest of us who loves to see beautiful wrapping which are ‘works of art’, but are hopelessly not DIY enthusiasts, our best bet is to let our fingers do all the work to source for  great wrapping ideas and services.

Check out self crafted gift wraps at Vanity, with cute names like the ‘candy wrap’, ‘kawaii wrap’, ‘oriental wrap’, ‘signature wrap’ and more cute names are in the pipeline! We offer the idea of conveniently getting a two-in-one where people can select their gifts and choose the wrapping styles that they fancy and voila! You have your gifts all beautifully wrapped and ready to be delivered-via the trendiest style with your fingers doing the shopping. And especially when people are so busy preparing for festive seasons like the Christmas and personal events, what better way to shop than the easy way, digitally!

As a bonus,
we share creative ideas to wrap a birthday present for your loved ones…

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