How to contour your face

How to contour your face

In our modern age, your natural (or original) born looks and facial features has gradually become less of a factor when talking about beauty and aesthetics.

Why is that so? Well with the advent of both medical science and technology, cosmetic surgery or more commonly termed “plastic surgery” has become a mainstream practice to alter one’s facial features for beauty.

In the past such actions do come with a considerable amount of risk to the patients health (face / body parts) and its commonly frown upon by society, labelling these individuals as plastic beauty or “fake beauty”.

Today, cosmetic surgery has advanced to a point where, its outcomes, most of the time surpasses natural beauty.

These beautification process typically focusses on altering facial features.

Fortunately, there are much simpler ways to achieve almost a similar effect without going under the knife (cosmetic surgery) and its through make ups!

Make up in itself has a large scope! From eye to lashes and lipsticks. For this post lets just focus on contouring. A technique that seemingly alter facial features by well… optical illusions!

Its simple with just 2 actions; highlighting areas and darkening areas, and this is called dodge and burn in photoshop lingo.

There are few main areas in your face that you can apply this technique on, and trust me, it will miraculously make those parts “appear” sharper, higher, smaller or even slimmer.

Do remember, to get the best effects you can try following the guide below on the areas that you need to shade or highlight!

…..but of course this is just a basic guide, for more advanced contouring, you will definitely need to match your skin tone with the contouring tones. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Vanity Malaysia - How to contour your face

…and for more details, we share a chart that explains more!

Vanity Malaysia - Natural Contouring Chart