Korean Cushion Eyeliner

Korean Cushion Eyeliner

Korean Cushion Eyeliner 2

By now most women know the existence of cushion compact, a Korean beauty industry innovation to how make up, specifically facial foundation are applied. It is basically a special sponge designed to dispense just about the right amount of foundation that is required when pressure is applied lightly. Following the similar trend, now the creative Koreans are quick to introduce the cushion eyeliners. 

Yes as you have guessed, its function is similar to that of the cushion compact, just now the controlled application of make up liquid (eye liner) comes from the smooth tip of a tapered brush after a soft dip on its “cushion” (sponge) . As the liquid could glide smoothly, with the right amount of pressure, one could have much greater control in their eye make up routine. And with such razor sharp precision, it certainly gives the overall aesthetics in comprehensive eye makes up a healthy boost. 

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