Korean Skin Care Routine Celebrities

Korean women are noted for their comprehensive skin care routine, producing their beautiful and flawless skin. Korean women think nothing of spending much time, a lot of money and excessive effort in religiously following intricate but vital steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising to achieve that much sought-after beautiful, clear and radiant skin. A flawless skin is God’s gift to Women but God has been generous for today every woman can have flawless skin. It only requires diligent work following simple steps. Now fellow Malaysians read on and try out Koreans’ strict skin care regiment to achieve your dreams of having skin quality similar to your favourite Korean celebrities. Ensure consistency too, especially living in Malaysia where the environment is typically hot and humid.

Korean Skin Care Routine Cleansing

Introducing the famed Korean skin care routine; Begin with the all-important cleansing routine with a nutrient–rich towellete (use Care Plus Sprouted Brown Rice Cleansing Tissue) to gently wipe-off all traces of make-up. Follow this with an oil cleanser (use Pure Seed Cleansing Oil) and rinse off with luke-warm water. Double clean the skin with a special bubble cleanser or hydrating foam cleanser (use Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Smart Bubble Cleanser or Urban Eco Harakeke Foam Cleanser) to really rid the skin of impurities. Do this by moving your fingertips in a circular motion on the face. Next target hot-spots like black heads on the nose and visible pores on the cheeks, and softly fluff-off the dead skin cells (use Cell Renew Bio Micro Peel Soft Gel) leaving the skin feeling fresher, clearer, more radiant and acne-free. (Use Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask) as Oxygen bubble O2 and black pearl brightening, detoxing, exfoliating & waste elimination, together with pore tightening and skin luster effect! A wash-off type mask with 5 effects.

Korean Skin Care Routine Toning

The next most essential part of Korean skin care routine is toning the skin. Here, the goodness of the Essential Essence (use The Essential First Essence Set), contains rich amount of minerals, various vitamins helps hydration, whitening, firming and skin regeneration power. Use it immediately after cleansing can greatly boost the absorption of following beneficial ingredients applied. Use a hydrating and clarifying toner (use Urban Eco Harakeke Fresh Toner) to help remove any stubborn residues whilst soothing and restoring your skin’s PH balance. The skin is thus prepped-up for more work to be done. Spay on facial mist (use CHAGA Anti-Aging Facial Mist With Fermented Chaga Extract), micro moisture particle not only sit on the skin surface but absorbed into the skin layer to provide moisture, rejuvenates the skin at the cellular level, making the skin elastic, firmer and anti-aging effect including wrinkles improvement.

For good measure add in an ampoule (use The Essential Triplus Firming Ampoule), which a much more concentrated, vitamin-enhanced, stickier version of the Essential Essence but touted to be a powerhouse in the treatment of aging skin, dull and uneven skin tone and loss of collagen and elasticity. Highlights of Korean skin care routine, take note here Malaysians!

Korean Skin Care Routine Massage

Treat your face to a mask twice or thrice a week and in-between, a 5 minute facial massage routine would get the blood circulating. Go for targeted areas like the eyes and the lips with wrinkle-fighting collagen eye patches (use Gold Snail Eye Gel Patch) or hydrating lip masks (use Gold Snail Lip Gel Patch). Tap on generously around the eyes an intensive eye serum (use Gold Snail Wrinkle Power-Ray ) to prevent the onset of fine lines, crows’ feet, puffiness and dark circles. This cosmetic device for intensive spot treatment provides powerful wrinkle improvement and whitening effect with its complex LED functions and 10,000 micro vibrations per minute.

Korean Skin Care Routine Mask

Last and equally vital finishing step of Korean skin care routine; gently massage with your fingertips a light weight emulsifier or facial moisturizer (use Urban Eco Harakeke Emulsion EX) on your face and neck to replenish your skin’s hydration levels. To top it off liberally smooth on an ultra-rich night cream or a sleeping pack (use Urban Eco Harakeke Cream EX) as a second layer which will lock in the moisture as you sleep. Voila! You wake up to ultimate skin perfection, equipped with one of the best skin care routines in the world, brought to you by Korean beauty goddesses!

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