CHAGA Anti-aging Emulsion With Fermented Chaga Extract

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CHAGA Anti-aging Emulsion With Fermented Chaga Extract
차가 발효 안티에이징 에멀젼

Capacity: 140ml

It is a non-sticky and light-weight age defense moisturizer that quickly supplies moisture and restores balance of the skin.

Main ingredients of 100% Pure, Cave-fermented Chaga mushroom extract can enhance skin regeneration and is proved to be capable of improve wrinkle and dull skin colour problem. Together with different herbs and marine plants, like Red ginseng, Oak apple, Sargasso, Seaweed fusiforme, Eucalyptus and Lady’s Mantle, 3 main functions can be provided including minimizing pores, improve skin texture and brightening the skin tone.

10- free formula, the below ingredients are excluded: paraben, artificial colorants, benzophenon, mineral oil, petrolatum, imidazole, triethanolamine, Talc, Sulphate, BHT, imidazolidinyl Urea

How to use :
Apply an appropriate amount to the skin evenly.

Chaga 白樺榕乳液

容量: 140ml

質感不油膩, 同時提供補濕及抗衰老功效, 幫助提供皮膚水份及營養。

主要成分為100% 天然洞穴發酵的白樺榕萃取精華, 能促進肌膚再生及有效改善皺紋, 膚色暗啞問題。Chaga 系列更配合不同的草本植物及海洋植物, 而提高產品功效, 主要成分如紅蔘及櫟癭山, 馬尾藻, 鹿尾菜, 桉樹精華及羽衣草等, 一次過為皮膚收細毛孔, 回復細滑及均匀膚色。

10無配方, 無以下10 種化學成分: 對羥基苯甲酸酯(防腐劑), 人工色素, 礦物油, 二苯基甲酮, 石蠟, 間二氮茂, 三乙醇胺, 滑石粉, 硫酸鹽, 二丁基羥基甲苯及尿素醛

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