Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 02 Natural Beige

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Eco Soul Spau BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 02 Natural Beige
에코 소울 온천수 비비 쿠션 SPF50+ PA+++ 02 내추럴 베이지

Capacity: 13 g

Main Ingredient: 100 % Belgium mineral hot spring water

Effect – Function as BB cream , provide good coverage, but easier to open, easier to apply and more transparency.

In mild formula and 100% Belgian hot spring water as the main ingredient , rich in minerals and oxygen , while The SAEM patented cushion sponge, the sponge in the middle layer of sponge to prevent solidification of the liquid in the sponge in BB Cream , to keep BB Cream intact and fresh, this BB cushion has an excellent moisturizing effect , and easily pushed on makeup, while a good Concealer effect , to maintain perfect makeup for long hours.

As part of the cream a complex plant extract (primrose, lavender, fireweed, rose, cornflower, the lotus, chamomile, hibiscus), Camellia Oil, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and pearl powder.
Extract, camellia oil to moisturize and soothe the skin, nourish and soften it, anti-inflammatory effect, removes redness, evens skin tone, providing antioxidant protection.

Collagen makes the skin supple and taut, hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration and protection from dehydration and pearl powder brightens the skin and gives it a gentle glow.

Cream is evenly distributed, without clog pores, allows skin to breathe.

主成份-100% 比利時溫泉水

功效 – 與BB cream一樣,很好的遮瑕效果, 但比較易推開,易使用, 而且更透薄

以溫和配方及100% 比利時溫泉水為主要成份,含有豐富礦物及氧氣,同時以 The SAEM 專利的 cushion 海棉,海棉中有一層中層海棉,以防止液體 BB Cream 於海棉中凝固,保持 BB Cream 的完整及清新,此 BB Cushion 擁有極好的保濕效果,而且極易推開上妝,同時有很好的遮瑕效果,維持一整天完美的妝容。

植物提取物的一部分(櫻草,薰衣草,雜草,玫瑰,矢車菊,蓮花,洋甘菊,芙蓉) ,山茶花油,水解膠原蛋白,透明質酸和珍珠粉。




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