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Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Toner

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Gem Miracle Diamond Cutting V Lifting Toner

젬 미라클 다이아몬드 컷팅 브이 리프팅 토너
[스킨/토너] 흐트러진 얼굴을 정돈해주는 다이아몬드 토너

Capacity : 150ml

√ Lifting Effect
√ Pore tightening
√ Increasing in elasticity
√ Wrinkle improvement
√ The diamond toner tighten the skin by keeping it well-balanced.
√ Energy of Diamond, amethyst, pearl, coral, tourmaline, jade, amber and ruby keep skin acid fastness.

How to use:
After washing the face, dispense an appropriate amount into a cotton ball or on the back of your hand, and apply to the face, starting from the inner area, working outwards, in a gentle wiping motion. Gently pat to promote absorption into the skin.



√ 拉提效果
√ 毛孔收緊
√ 增加彈性
√ 改善皺紋
√ 鑽石碳粉通過保持其良好的平衡收緊皮膚。
√ 能源鑽石, 紫晶 ,珍珠,珊瑚,碧璽,翡翠,琥珀,紅寶石保持皮膚耐酸性。


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