Gold Snail O2 Bubble Mask

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Gold Snail O2 Bubble Mask
골드 스네일 오투 버블 마스크

Capacity : 105 g

Rejuvenating Mask, a breath of oxygen for dull, tired, stressed skin. The oxygen at the cellular level structure renews damaged cells and helps the skin retain youth and beauty for a long time.

The mask created by a unique technology, in contact with skin and exposed to air turns into delicate foam oxygen. Thousands of small bubbles not only nourishes the skin with oxygen, but also all those components that are part of the mask.

Snail mucin – has a significant rejuvenating effect. It accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, helps reduce the depth of wrinkles, smoothing the skin relief, restores skin elasticity; It helps with pigmented spots, significantly lightening them and reducing their size; is an inflammatory component, promotes healing of skin irritations, eliminates peeling. Snail mucin – a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from the aggressive action of free radicals and destruction processes.

24K Gold – improves and accelerates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin patches, speaking in the role of conductor. In addition, gold is a valuable component, it nourishes the skin with oxygen, increases blood circulation, removes toxins and wastes – the skin is updated on a cellular level, slowing down the aging process.

Plant stem cells – stimulate cell division of the basal layer of the epidermis and stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin. As a result – the skin longer retains its elasticity, while already begun the process of withering rejuvenates and tightens

EGF – epidermal growth factor, increases the rate of emergence and growth of new cells in the epidermis, slows the aging process of the skin, eliminate the cause of changes in the structure of the skin and rejuvenates it at the cellular level.

Syn-Ake – a synthetic peptide that imitates the action of snake venom affects nerve impulses that are responsible for the contraction of the skin (due to which and wrinkles). The peptide blocks these impulses and relaxes the muscles of the skin, making skin texture is restored, wrinkles are smoothed from the inside, preventing the appearance of new wrinkles.

Main effects:
– whitening, brightening, eliminate toxins, impurities, dead skin and tighten pores
– giving the skin a golden glow
– open the door to the skin for better absorption on subsequent skin care products.

How to use:
– Apply the mask dry with clean hands on a clean dry skin and gently massage, then rinse with warm water.


容量  : 105 g



蝸牛粘液 – 有顯著返老還童的功效。它加速膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的合成,有助於減少皺紋的深度,光滑皮膚救災,恢復皮膚彈性;它有助於色素斑,顯著減輕他們並減少它們的大小;是一種炎症性成分,促進皮膚過敏的治療,消除脫皮。蝸牛粘液 – 一個強大的抗氧化劑,可以防止自由基和銷毀工藝侵蝕作用在皮膚上。

24K金 – 改善並加速活性成分的滲透入皮膚貼片,在導體的作用發言。此外,黃金是一個重要組件,它滋養與氧氣的皮膚,增加血液循環,排除體內毒素和廢物 – 皮膚更新,在細胞水平上,減緩老化過程。

植物幹細胞 – 刺激表皮的基底層細胞分裂和刺激膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的天然合成。其結果是 – 皮膚不再保持其彈性,同時已經開始枯萎恢復活力及收緊的過程

EGF – 表皮生長因子,增加的產生和新細胞的生長在表皮的速率,減緩皮膚的老化過程,消除皮膚的變化的結構的原因,並恢復活力它在細胞水平。

Syn-Ake – 合成肽模仿蛇毒的操作會影響神經衝動,負責皮膚的收縮(由於它和皺紋)。肽塊這些衝動並鬆弛皮膚的肌肉,使皮膚紋理恢復正常時,褶皺從內側平滑,從而防止新的皺紋。

功效 :
– 美白、亮膚、排除毒素、去死皮雜質及收細毛孔
– 賦予肌膚黃金光采
– 開啟肌膚吸收之門

– 把面膜塗抹於清潔,乾燥的肌膚,輕輕按摩,然後用溫水沖洗乾淨。


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