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Natural Condition Cleansing Foam [Nourishing]

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Natural Condition Cleansing Foam [Nourishing]

내추럴 컨디션 클렌징 폼 [영양 개선]

세안 후 더욱 촉촉하고 부드러운 피부로 가꿔주고 베이스 메이크업 제거와 세안을 한번에 해결해주는원스텝 클렌징 폼

Capacity: 150 ml

✔️ Skin Softer
✔️ Moisturized
✔️ Anti Aging
✔️ Removes based makeup and cleanses face at the same time.

Contains avocado, royal jelly, cheese and olive oil. Avocado is rich in fatty acid which it provides to the skin, making it silky with sufficient nutrients. Royal jelly nourish the skin, effective for anti-aging. Cheese is full of proteins, minerals and vitamins which it provides skin with various nutrient. Olive oil nourish the skin and provide it with vitamin E, making it to be emollient.

Free of 6 additives: No paraben, benzyl alcohol, benzophenon, mineral oil, silicone, triethanolamine

How to Use:
Use it daily in the morning and at night, take appropriate amount and clean the face with water. Wash off the lather afterwards.


容量: 150 ml


6無配方: 無苯甲酸(防腐劑), 苯甲醇, 二苯酮, 礦物油, 硅氧樹脂, 三乙醇胺

含有牛油果, 蜂王漿, 芝士及橄欖油。 牛油果含有豐富脂肪酸, 補充皮膚養分, 使皮膚變得幼滑。 蜂王漿滋潤皮膚, 有效防止老化。芝士含有豐富蛋白質, 天然礦物及維他命, 為皮膚提供不同的營養。橄欖油滋潤皮膚, 並富維他命E, 使皮膚變得柔滑。

每天早晚使用, 使用時, 取出適量, 加水起泡, 於面上清洗

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