Saemmul Honey Sugar Scrub And Honey Aloe Essence

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Saemmul Honey Sugar Scrub

Capacity: 10ml

샘물 허니 슈가 스크럽
[립케어/립밤] 천연 허니와 오가닉 슈가가 담겨 자극없이 부드러운 립 스크럽

The Saem Saemmul Honey Sugar Scrub is very natural and gentle on lips as it contains natural acacia honey and organic sugar.

Sugar provides an easy and gentle exfoliating effect, scrub perfectly, nourishes, moisturizes, softens and enriches the nutrients and vitamins of the lips. Thanks to healing properties of honey, it heals the tiniest cracks, eliminate inflammation and soothes the skin. Antioxidants contained in honey, stimulated the revival of cells, prevent fading and aging.

How To Use:
Dispense an appropriate amount on a fingertip, and apply to lips in a gentle massaging motion to remove dead skin cells. Gently rub lips until the organic sugar melts, and wipe it off with a clean tissue or wash it off with water.

The SAEM Saemmul 蜂蜜糖磨砂是很自然的,温柔的嘴唇上,因为它含有天然洋槐蜂蜜和有机糖。



Saemmul Honey Aloe Essence

Capacity: 7.7ml

샘물 허니 알로에 에센스
[립케어/립밤] 천연 허니와 오가닉 알로에가 담겨 입술에 쏘옥 스며드는 가벼운 타입의 립 에센스

The Saem Saemmul Honey Aloe Essence – Natural Honey and Organic Aloe Essence for nourishment and moisturizing lips.

Essence of honey removes dead skin cells and helps to restore the cells, improves elasticity, reduces inflammation and has an antibacterial effect.

Aloe essences helps to moisturize and softens the lips intensely, to eliminate irritation, speeds up recovery, gives lips brightness, sensuality and velvety.

How To Use:
Apply small amount of essential oils on the lips, massage in gently.

The SAEM Saemmul 蜂蜜芦荟精华 – 天然蜂蜜及有机芦荟精华饲养和滋润嘴唇。




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