Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Eye Cream

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Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Eye Cream
스네일 에센셜 EX 링클 솔루션 아이 크림

Capacity: 30ml

An effective cream that can significantly improve the skin age. Cream cares for the thin skin around the eyes, improves its elasticity, smooths wrinkles, restores vitality, whitening, nourishing and moisturizing. With regular use, skin will be toned and well-groomed look fresh and young.
Cream of The Saem of a new series of tools Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution – for effective anti-aging skin.

⇒Highly concentrated extract of golden snails 
a natural component of an effective health-improving and rejuvenating effect. It helps restore damaged skin, the synthesis of new connective tissue. Snail extract moisturizes, nourishes, softens, soothes and tones the skin at the same time, makes it elastic, smooths wrinkles, lightens pigmentation and evens skin tone, prevents the appearance of scars and stains of post-acne, gives the skin a natural glow. Another surprising property of snail mucus – the ability to decontaminate the surface of the skin, “gluing” together the bacteria and neutralize their viability and penetration into the skin.

⇒ Collagen 
Protein “building blocks” of the skin, the skin of his fibers provide the mechanical strength, density and elasticity. Cosmetics, saturating the skin with collagen from the outside, run the processes of synthesis of collagen, eliminate dry skin, promote the rejuvenation of the skin, eliminate wrinkles and correction of facial contours.

⇒ Adenosine 

Supports cellular activity, helps eliminate wrinkles: fine smoothed, and profound become less pronounced. Adneozin – a very effective component of anti-aging cosmetics, as it is not destroyed by heat and light, so it is suitable for daily skin care, without losing its properties.

⇒ Hyaluronic acid 
An important component for the normal functioning of cells, moisturizes the skin, accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, promotes wound healing, effect on immune responses, protecting the cells from free radicals, protects the skin from premature aging.

⇒ Hyaluronic acid
Creates an invisible thin film on the surface of the skin, which prevents the evaporation of water, keeping the moisture inside, while it does not clog skin pores and facilitates deeper penetration of other active cosmetic ingredients.

⇒ Complex berry extracts 

Fills the skin with vitamins, moisturizes and nourishes, softens, brightens, provides antioxidant protection and protects against aggressive UV radiation.

How to use:
Apply the cream to cleansed skin of eyelids.


容量 – 30 ML

主成份 – 21000mg 金色殼蝸牛卒取物, 透明質酸, 神經胺(Ceramide 質地 – 偏潤

金蝸牛系列主要可以做到保濕、修護、抗皺及緊緻的功效, 金蝸牛系列最獨特之處就是採用金色殼的蝸牛, 因為金色殼蝸牛比一般蝸牛具有更強的修護能力, 成份中加入高保濕力的透明質酸及膠原蛋白, 能深層保濕,同時亦能增強皮膚的鎖水能力及增加皮膚彈力,此外配方中的神經胺(Ceramide) ,能幫助修護皮膚的保護屏障, 增強皮膚保護力, 同時在金蝸牛系列的不同產品中加入不同的肽(Peptide).

眼霜加入(Botox peptide), 能有效去紋、緊緻及提昇功效
有效增進健康和振興效果的自然組成部分。它有助於恢復皮膚受損,新結締組織的合成。蝸牛提取保濕,滋潤,柔軟,舒緩和鈴聲,同時肌膚,使其彈性,撫平皺紋,淡化色斑及均勻膚色,防止疤痕和粉刺後的污漬的外觀,使皮膚自然的光澤。蝸牛粘液的另一個驚人的屬性 – “粘合”在一起的細菌淨化皮膚表面的能力,並抵消他們的活力和滲透到皮膚。


支持細胞活性,有助於消除皺紋:精細平滑,而深刻變得不那麼明顯。 Adneozin – 抗老化化妝品的非常有效的組成部分,因為它不是由熱和光破壞,所以它適合於日常的皮膚護理,而不會失去其性能。




使用方法 :
將適當的份量, 輕柔地搽上眼區,輕拍可有助吸引.

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