The Essential First Essence Set 150ml & 50ml

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(New) The Essential First Essence Set 150ml & 50ml
디 에센셜 퍼스트 에센스 기획세트

Capacity: 150ml (+50ml)

Use 100% of galactomyces essence filtered fermentation solution. Upon fermentation, the particles become small and quickly penetrate the skin and replenish it with moisture and nutrients. The Essential First Essence contains rich amount of minerals, various vitamins and amino acids. This helps hydration, whitening, firming and skin regeneration power. Use it immediately after cleansing can greatly boost the absorption of following beneficial ingredients applied.

How to use:
Use it after cleansing, take appropriate amount and put on the face, massage gently to ease better absorption.

The Essential 得鮮神仙水

容量: 150 ml (附送50ml)

採用 100% 酵母菌發酵精華, 經過發酵的份子非常幼細, 容易滲透皮膚, 瞬間為皮膚補充所需營養及水分。The Essential 神仙水含有豐富天然礦物, 多種不同維他命及胺基酸, 達到補濕, 美白, 緊緻及肌膚再生功效。於潔面後馬上使用, 同時大大提升肌膚吸收其後的護膚產品。

於潔面後使用, 取出適當分量搽在面上, 輕輕按摩以幫助吸收。

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