The Essential Triplus Firming Ampoule

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The Essential Triplus Firming Ampoule
디 에센셜 트리플러스 탄력 앰플

Capacity: 30ml

Concentrated with light refreshing texture is intended to strengthen the skin, helps to maintain clear lines of the facial skeleton and skin elasticity, tightens flabby skin, dull glow returns.

Three-phase means, wherein the first layer – a fermented oil, the second layer – the fermented extracts third layer – oil enriched with oxygen. Upon shaking the vial prior to use all three layers are mixed, and when applied to the skin affect all its layers.

Fermentation agent components can save their natural unique properties, making them more stable and effective. Through the process of detoxification fermentation starting components so cosmetic composition do not cause toxic and allergic skin reactions.

As part of the funds:

Olive oil – eliminates peeling, nourishes and softens the skin, fills it with energy, great tones. Olive oil – a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus slowing down the aging process of the skin.

Rosehip oil – has a restorative, antibacterial and immunostimulatory effects, strengthens blood vessels, improves tissue regeneration, regulates redox processes in the skin cells, is involved in mineral and carbohydrate metabolism, promotes the synthesis of collagen, and helps to bring out skin cells decay products increases defenses.

Snow lotus extract – has a marked softening and moisturizing effect, soothes and refreshes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, lightens the skin. The versatility of the lotus can be used for any skin type: anti-inflammatory effect for problem and oily skin, soothing for sensitive skin, tones tired skin and fight the signs of aging of the skin aging.

Raspberry extract – stimulates metabolism, nourishes, moisturizes, tones and smoothes the skin and rejuvenates it. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, it becomes smooth, natural tone.

Edelweiss extract – an extract of a flower that grows on rocky alpine meadows, where the harsh climate, poor soils and active UV radiation contribute to the accumulation in it the highest concentration of biologically active substances. Edelweiss extract moisturizes the skin, provides photoprotective, antioxidant and a powerful anti-aging effect.

Astaxanthin – potent antioxidant of natural origin, slows the aging process of skin cells.

Regular use of a reinforcing agent of The Saem allows you to maintain an optimal level of hydration of the skin, and in addition, to return to her resilience and elasticity, making an oval face sharper, and the color – smooth and fresh.

How to use:
After using toner, shake well and apply appropriate amount of ampoule to the face. Pat gently to enhance absorption.


容量: 30ml


三相裝置,其中,第一層 – 的發酵油,第二層 – 發酵提取物的第三層 – 油富含氧氣。 在搖動使用所有三個層被混合,並且當施用到皮膚影響其所有的層之前的小瓶中。

發酵劑成分可以保存其自然獨特的性質,使他們更穩定,有效。 通過解毒發酵起始組分的過程,使化妝品組合物不引起毒性和過敏性皮膚反應。


橄欖油 –
橄欖油 – 一個強大的抗氧化劑,能刺激膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白的合成,從而延緩皮膚的衰老過程。






定期使用SAEM的補強劑可以讓你保持皮膚的水合的最佳水平,此外,回到她的韌性和彈性,使一張瓜子臉更清晰,色彩 – 光滑和新鮮。


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