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Introduction to Skincode

Skincode Switzerland Alps

SkinCodeAG is a beauty care or beauty line company founded in 1998 based in Switzerland by a team of veterans with vast experience in the cosmetics industry. The brand Skincode, invented under the company was founded by a Prince by the name Nicklas Massalsky, whose father is founder of a renowned top level luxury skincare brand Swiss Line.

In alignment with the Swiss heritage of being masterful time keepers, the brand Skincode establishes its vision to halt time or even reverse time, in the context of human aging, focussing in anti-aging biotechnology. It embraces the principles that the skin is like any living organism and in order to fix anything, in accordance to law of biophysics, one must boil down to understanding the absolute basics, which in this case, the “genetic code” of the skin itself. Therefore, the primary ingredients of Skincode products all function at repairing and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Standing by such founding philosophies in mind, Skincode promises only products which reflects the purity, authenticity and quality for which Switzerland its home country is renowned for in the eyes of the world.

Skincode Medical Formula

The Skincode brand has a total of 35 products carefully grouped into 2 lines, a lower range with more accessible price tags and a higher range that’s made for intensive care.

SkinCode Essentials

Skincode Essentials

As implied in its name, this range of products forms the essential daily maintenance routine, from cleansing to moisturizing to lightening and even brightening. Its key ingredient CM-Glucan actively protects and strengthen the skin’s natural defense mechanism while stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin resulting in optimal care for skin health.

Skincode Essentials has a sub-series of products by the name of agelab, which gives prime focus in time rewinding skin therapy, a unique method of anti-aging utilising combination of layer technology which functions to replicate one’s natural skin structure and time rewinding technology that completes the regenerative and protection part.

Skincode Age Lab

The design for Skincode essentials adheres closely to the philosophy of “everything that one’s skin need and nothing it doesn’t”. Henceforth these products are dermatologically tested to be 100% free of preservatives, color, fragrance and animal derivatives, to maintain the highest levels of purity in a beauty product for frequent and daily application.

Benefits of CM Glucan

  • stimulation of the immune system
  • visible reduction in wrinkles and dehydration lines
  • protection against free radical damage
  • improvement in skin elasticity and firmness
  • smoothing of the skin
  • calming of irritated or allergic skin

Proven Results of CM Glucan

Skincode Skin Firmness

Skincode Anti Wrinkles


SkinCode Exclusive

Skincode Exclusives

The higher range cousin of essentials range of products. Skincode exclusive stands out as a luxury oriented, skincare line of products carefully designed to meet the needs of mature skin. In such it draws its effectiveness from powerful anti-aging therapies and agents targeted at the skin’s cellular level itself. These exclusive products is formulated specifically to address the issues of natural slowed down cell renew processes and degenerative traits that comes with age.

Skincode Cellular Level Repair

Similar to essentials, it has its own key ingredient, which is ACR Complex G2 (Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2). This potent agent is a groundbreaking discovery in combatting aging. Comprising of complex peptides and an active collagen booster, ACR Complex G2 delivers the maximum boost in skin hydration levels, resulting in a visible lift and significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Holding on to the brand’s core beliefs, there are absence of paraben in Skincode exclusive products and it is formulated with an allergen-free fragrance.

Benefits of ACR Complex G2

  • quick reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • great improvement in skin elasticity and firmness
  • improvement in epidermal nourishment
  • stimulation of vital cell functions
  • strong protection against free radicals
  • accelerated increase in cell renewal
  • improvement in skin compactness
  • improvement in molecular communication within the skin, that holds the basic triggers to natural skin rejuvenation.

Proven Results of ACR Complex G2

Skincode ACR Complex G2

Skincode R&D

Skincode Labs and R&D

Skincode worldwide media coverage

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