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Introduction to The SAEM 

The Saem Brand Core Value

The Saem is a Korean skin care and cosmetic brand that was founded in 2010.  Its parent company Hankook Cosmetics, a public listed entity, has invested more than 50 years into improving and refining its core technology towards innovating and inventing beauty products. The Saem launched its first store in Myoung Dong, South Korea in August 2010. Ever since then, the brand has seen explosive growth over the years, rapidly expanding, both locally to over 150 shops, in South Korea and penetrating into global commercial markets such like Taiwan, Japan, HongKong, Thailand with plans to progressively enter South East Asia countries.

The Saem brand together with its series of products are all certified by the KFDA (Korean Food and Drugs Administration), a government agency committed to protecting consumers and promoting public health. In alignment with its vision to be a global player, The Saem has undergone a rebranding move to take on the new name “The Saem Global Eco” with its resounding motto “in harmony with nature”.

The Saem, literally translates to “fountain” or “spring” in Korea, is symbolically linked to being the source of infinite wisdom, ideas and inspiration, motivating the founders to embark on a quest to seek and discover hidden elements of beauty from nature itself. With a founding philosophy rooted deeply with miracles of nature, The Saem brand establishes its range of products based on inspiration from natural elements in our world like the sky, soil, winds, clouds, water, trees, flowers and plants! Thats where the color theming for flagship products of The Saem take on earthen colors like lively brown and verdant green, while most of its commercials showcase connection with nature and plants.

The Saem brand embraces 3 core principles and values.

  1. Urban Ecology – which stands for the heritage and essence of global ecology that all humans live and breath within, today.
  2. Variety – where the brand promises continuous innovation of a wide range of products serving all categories of needs and functions.
  3. Value – where the brand upholds the highest quality of products at practical and affordable prices.

The Saem Product Characteristics.

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Infinite beauty resources
  3. Time tested

The Saem Product Characteristics

The Saem Flagship Series – SkinCare

The Saem Skincare

Urban Eco Harakeke

  • Harakeke from New Zealand
  • Living Nature Collaboration
  • Suggested age range 20s-30s

Dr Beauty Cell Renew

  • EGF, Synake, Snail extract
  • General Hospital Dermatologist collaboration, medical care
  • Suggested age range 30s-50s

Gem Miracle Black Pearl

  • Black Pearl from Tahiti & Oxygen
  • Gem beauty therapy
  • Multi Million seller, best seller (O2 Bubble Mask)

The Saem Flagship Series – Cosmetics and Makeup

The Saem Cosmetics and Makeup

Eco Soul

  • All-in-one, multi functional, smart, professional
  • Suggested age range 25-35s

Ally’s Ajell

  • Cute, lovely girlish makeup.
  • Full line(nail, lip, cheeks, eye, base)
  • Suggested age range, below 20s


  • Trendy, chic city color makeup collection of the world
  • Full line(nail, lip, cheeks, eye, base)
  • Suggested age range, late 20s-30s

The Saem Flagship Series – Mask and Cleansers

The Saem Mask and Cleansers

Natural Mask Sheet

  • Mask sheet of organic natural ingredients
  • For all age and skin types
  • Very affordable line


  • Kumerahou from Pure New Zealand
  • Natural soap of indigenous Maori
  • Suggested age range, 20-late 30s

Healing Tea Garden

  • Mild organic tea ingredients relieves stress
  • Tailored to different skin condition
  • Very affordable line

Marseille Olive

  • Organic olives from Marseille, France
  • High moisturizing, premium line
  • Suggested age range, late 20s- 40s

The Saem Flagship Series – Bodycare, Haircare and Men

The Saem Bodycare Haircare and Men

Fruits Punch

  • Rich nutrition of natural fruits extract
  • Affordable price daily body care
  • For all age

Mineral Homme

  • Energy and power of Mineral
  • Mid-premium men’s basic care & whitening line
  • Suggested age range, 20s-late 30s  

  Herb Actually

  • Healing herb for hair remedy
  • For all age

The Saem Korean Celebrity Ambassadors

Its holding company has worked with numerous high profile Korean celebrities and pop stars to promote its trendy products, appeal to the youth markets, awareness and expand its presence globally as a Korean blazing hot skin care brand!

  1. Lee Seong Gi
  2. I-You
  3. G Dragon
  4. SHINee

The Saem Ambassadors

Store Design Concepts

The Saem Store Interior Design

Product Reviews


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